Virtualization isn't about being green, and we all know it

Low cost. High performance. Simple management. Flexibility. Reliability. Security.

You ask a lot of your IT systems

And the reality is, to make your business more agile you ask even more. If your IT staff spends all of their time worrying about security, uptime and capacity problems, they won't be working with you to drive innovation. You need your infrastructure to help you in the marketplace, to help you innovate, to help you be more competitive, to help you succeed.


Today, success demands agility. You need to adjust to changes in your business, from your customers, and in the world. eLan offers virtualization solutions with Integrated Service Management designed to help your business be more agile.

Explore the details below for more details or contact your eLan representative to discover how Virtualization with Integrated Service Management can help your business become more agile and competitive.

Virtualize at the Speed of Your Business

Virtualization is changing the way resources are deployed and managed by simplifying and speeding up the IT response to a changing business environment. Virtualization can help you:

  • Consolidate resources with a choice of virtualization technologies to improve efficiency and reduce ongoing costs - do more with less
  • Manage workloads simply to make it easier for your IT staff to support the key business priorities
  • Automate processes to reduce management costs and make execution of key tasks more consistent
  • Optimize delivery of services so that applications can quickly respond to the demands of the business.
  • Reduce IT management requirements and expenses by running multiple applications and operating systems independently on a single server
  • Prioritize business needs and maximize server resources by quickly moving workloads from one virtual workspace to another

Whether you're a small organization trying to extend the value of the resources you already have, or a large data center that's pushing the automation envelope, eLan delivers solutions that make sense for your budget, staff and business.

Your Virtualization Strategy

eLan partners with the market-leading software providers to bring the benefits of virtualization to environments of all sizes. Use's guidance and insights to help you assess your environment and plan your solution.

Implementing Virtualization

Accelerate time to value with 's simplified implementation services, standards-based reference architectures and industry-leading performance and functionality.

Best Practices

Get the most out of your investment, using eLan's tactical guidance & best practices guides, and interacting with eLan's Technical community.

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