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About eLan Technologies

eLan was founded on three basic principles, Technology expertise, Innovative solutions and long lasting partnership with customers.

Established in the year 2006, eLan Technologies has grown to be the preferred IT partner for the big players in the industry across various industry verticals. eLan has partnered with some of the esteemed clients, helping them meet the new challenges of IT innovations.

We have an enviable reputation for delivering independent, practical, value-priced advice and services to our chosen market sectors.

At eLan we passionately believe that real change only comes about through a combination of the right ideas and effective implementation.

Vision Vision

To explore new opportunities and ideas to enhance quality based contributions that are beneficial for our clients and to get recognized as a global leader in providing IT Services and Technology based solutions.

Mission Mission

eLan Technologies focuses on high quality standards to provide professional consulting services and viable resources to our clients thereby ensuring complete client satisfaction and long-term commitment with them.

What we do

    • Effective Communication
      Effective Communication

      We at eLan Technologies Inc convey relevant information in an understandable, timely and logical fashion.We understand the needs of the clients,solicit feedback,and are always prepared for every communication need.

    • Client Satisfaction
      Client Satisfaction

      We focus to meet/satisfy customer needs and expectations ensuring highest standard of quality and speed of delivery.

    • Perfomance
      Performance Orientation

      We set high standards of performance for our employees and we focus to ensure and achieve Performance Standards using innovative ways to achieve more effective results.

    • adapatability

      We at eLan Technologies respond resourcefully to new demands and challenges .We tend to be proactive to meet industry standards.

    • Employee
      Employee Focus

      We Inspire and guide our employees towards goal achievement.We entrust accountability for every employee while accepting overall respoinsibility thereby supporting them to increase performance effectiveness.

    • Resource
      Resource Consciousness

      Being aware of the cost of Organizational resources like time,monetary resources etc., we utilize the same effectively and efficiently thereby minimizing expenses while maximizing Organizational benefits.

Why eLan Technologies

At eLan, you are encouraged to think out of the box. We enable our colleagues to explore their ideas by creating a collaborative and entrepreneurial environment.

If you consider yourself ready for a challenging but rewarding career, at eLan, you will feel right at home.

At eLan, we're proud of the outstanding work that we deliver to our clients, and most importantly, we're proud of our people who make it happen. It takes extreme talent, passion for your work and an ability to inspire others to excel here.

Where are We: Having Corporate Address in Irivng USA we have offshore office located in Hyderabad in India with development team and Technical team supports our clients globally.

When: eLan Technologies started in the year 2006 and supporting clients successfully.

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